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Ten of This Year’s Best Fashion Campaigns (So Far)

From Will Smith for Moncler Genius to Vivienne Westwood and Andreas Kronthaler’s day at the Barbican, here are ten campaigns you don’t want to miss

Craig Green

Craig Green approaches his campaigns with a different tack to his contemporaries, often eschewing models in the place of sculptures or structures (which for Spring/Summer 2018 were set ablaze). This season is no exception: for Spring/Summer 2019, the designer collaborated with David Curtis-Ring on a series of effigy-like constructions, created using wood, straw, and paint, and depicting men fighting various beasts. Original and quietly poetic, the campaign, photographed by Dan Tobin Smith, bears the very kind of brilliance we’ve come to expect from Green.


Balenciaga drafted wedding photographer Greg Finck – or “one of the best wedding photographers in the world”, according to his Instagram bio – to photograph its latest campaign, in lieu of the usual big-name fashion image-makers. The resulting series is a glossy celebration of romance, with portraits of real-life, loved-up (and, of course, Balenciaga-clad) couples in typically Parisian settings – from street-side bistros to the banks of the Seine.


Glen Luchford’s latest campaign for Gucci celebrates the fantastical world of prêt-à-porter circa the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s, a time when “when sensational headlines on covers were devoted to a must-have hemline, a seasonal colour, a fabric”, according to the house. The images themselves echo those magazines, and their layouts – in one image a ‘Gucci’ magazine is pulled from a newsstand – while in others, garments are captured being crreated in the atelier, or worn in the decadent environs of the salon show. An accompanying film captures the energy of this impossibly glamorous era, through Alessandro Michele’s always-eccentric eye.


GmbH’s latest campaign, which was revealed on earlier this month, took inspiration from the likes of NASA astronaut portraits. With models wearing the brand’s Autumn/Winter 2019 collection arranged in a formal group portrait-style pose, the campaign “reimagines GmbH as a corporation in the near future exploring space for future human settlements, if our current ecological crisis is not properly dealt with,” according to the brand’s founders Benjamin A. Huseby (who photographed the campaign) and Serhat Isik.


Hedi Slimane photographed Celine’s Autumn/Winter 2019 menswear campaign in Berlin, capturing the collection – which was shown in January in the French house’s first ever menswear-only show – against backdrops of striking architecture and iconic punk venues like the SO36 nightclub. An accompanying short film is soundtracked by Vancouver-based collective Crack Cloud, who also provided the music for the January show, and features spiralling shots of buildings in the German capital alongside the black and white campaign photographs.

Palomo Spain

Berlin-based Matt Lambert shoots Palomo Spain’s latest campaign, a sensual celebration of “queer romance and intimacy,” as the photographer describes. A formal, painterly tableau of models – in poses reminiscent of Renaissance and Baroque artworks – is juxtaposed with frenetic images of the same models semi-clad and mid-embrace. “On one side, you have these arty, picturesque and exquisite [images] and the other more instinctive, impulsive ones that Matt uses to take us to a romantic, lustful – and almost museum-like – world,” Alejandro Gómez Palomo, the label’s designer, explained to Another Man yesterday.


Fendi released a playful film and photo series for its Autumn/Winter 2019 campaign, shot in Rome with creative direction by Silvia Venturini Fendi and art direction by Nico Vascellari. Full of movement, the film’s spliced shots see models dancing, walking and posing. The Italian house’s Autumn/Winter 2019 collections – tributes to Fendi’s late creative director Karl Lagerfeld – featured the iconic double-F logo reimagined in a variety of bold and cursive graphics on clothing and accessories, and it takes centre stage in this new campaign.

Vivienne Westwood

The Barbican holds a very special place in the hearts of Vivienne Westwood and Andreas Kronthaler. Which is why, for Autumn/Winter 2019, the designers chose to shoot their campaign there, enlisting Juergen Teller to capture models Jordan Barrett, Duckie Thot, Shin Hyeonyi, Chloe Pearson and Nicolas Duee amid the estate’s beautiful, Brutalist surroundings. “We love the Barbican, we go there on a regular basis over all these years, mostly to listen to concerts, home of the LSO,” say Westwood and Kronthaler. “It’s a place which always surprises you – the building is exciting, there’s always something new to discover.”

Feng Chen Wang

For Autumn/Winter 2019, Chinese designer Feng Chen Wang delved into her personal history and national heritage, creating an homage to her mother who – despite living under China’s one-child policy – bore three children. Featuring lotus flowers motifs and paintings of Wang’s siblings as prints, the designer brought a personal touch to her bold, futuristic vision – captured here by photographer Hugo Comte.

Moncler Genius

While his children, Jaden and Willow, have both done their fair share of modelling, fronting campaigns for brands such as Chanel and Louis VuittonWill Smith himself hasn’t done much modelling at all. Which is in a way surprising. Yesterday, however, he was revealed as the face of Moncler’s ‘Genius Is Born Crazy’ campaign, photographed by Another Man contributor Tim Walker in one of the brand’s signature down jackets, in what is the very first campaign of his entire career.