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How to Wear a Beret

Inspired by the beret worn by Skepta on the cover of Another Man, we present a short, easy-to-follow tutorial on wearing the style

Wearing a beret may seem like a tricky sartorial manoeuvre, but it needn’t be. Worn since the Bronze Age, the hat went into mass production in 19th century France and Spain, and remains popular to this day. A timeless design, the beret cropped up at Loewe, Louis Vuitton, Prada and Wales Bonner this season, among others – Loewe’s rendition even ended up on the cover of the A/W17 issue of Another Man, worn by Skepta. Here, alongside an edit of the season’s best berets, we present a short, easy-to-follow tutorial on wearing the style.

1. Get the right size

When it comes to berets, fit is crucial. According to Another Man Junior Fashion Editor Ben Schofield, who regularly wears a Louis Vuitton model of the hat, the tighter the better.

2. Get the right angle, too

When you put your beret on, it’s important you get the right angle – not too horizontal, not too diagonal. Play around with it in front of the mirror until you find an angle that a) you’re comfortable with, and b) suits your face.

3. Get the right amount of hair sticking out

If you have short hair this doesn’t apply, but if you’ve got longer locks, then make sure a bit of your fringe sticks out from underneath your beret.

4. Avoid wearing a striped top

Berets work with almost anything, except one specific item of clothing: the striped top. Wearing a beret with one of these will make you look like you’re wearing a fancy dress costume which, we assume, is not your aim.

5. Do not remove it

Once you have put on your beret, found the optimum angle and amount of hair sticking out, do not under any circumstance remove it. Doing so will leave you with a mark on your forehead and a kink in your hair. You have been warned.

Hair Sophie Anderson; Skin Vassilis Theotokis Casting Troy Fearn; Models Ben D, Jesse T, Luke, Raad and Renwhar at Tomorrow Is Another Day; Production Coral Cuthbertson; Special thanks to GAS Works Studio.