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Unseen Footage of Roxy Music Live in 1972

Check out the iconic, Bryan Ferry-fronted glam-rock troupe performing Would You Believe? at the Bataclan in Paris

In 1972, Roxy Music released a self-titled album that would change the course of pop culture forever. 45 years on, the band are re-releasing this album and, with it, a stream of previously unreleased demos, outtakes, radio sessions, rare footage and a 136-page book. To celebrate, we’re devoting the next 24 hours to Roxy Music, presenting a series of articles curated in collaboration with the band.

Roxy Music’s self-titled debut album kickstarted the 1970s with a pop and a fizz. Released back in June 1972, the record was a bubbly, glam-rock journey through all manner of influences, combining the energy of the emergent punk movement and the grandiose theatrics of classic rock and roll to dazzling effect. A young Brian Eno even added his newfound love of electronics to proceedings, long before such things were commonplace in ‘traditional’ rock bands. It still stands as one of British music’s finest first works.

In the live arena, Roxy Music truly came into their own. Turning their brash on-record statements of intent into sprawling, consciousness-consuming epics, the Bryan Ferry-fronted group shot to stardom, due in no small part to performances like the one we’re premiering below.

Stepping onto the stage at Paris’ famous Le Bataclan, Roxy Music’s performance at the venue on November 26th, 1972 came at the end of a breakout year for the group. Erupting onto the stage with a thunderous performance of Would You Believe?, they planted their flag firmly in the ground. Taking the cosmic vibe original track and imbuing it with a down-to-earth energy, throughout the whole performance there’s the palpable confidence of a band who know they’re destined for great things.

“Would, would you believe in what I do / When the things that I make are all for you?” croons Ferry on the track’s unmistakable hook – a statement of creative devotion that’s sure to ring true for every die-hard Roxy Music fan, the world over.

Roxy Music: The Debut Album 45th Anniversary Four Disc Super Delux Box Set will be released by UMC on February 2nd, 2018. Pre-order a copy here.