Watch Wild Daughter’s Video For New Song Bed Bugs

“Garage kink dominators” Wild Daughter – the performance art rock and roll band comprising James Jeanette, Stuart Mckenzie and Jacob Shaw – have just debuted the video for their new song Beg Bugs, an audio-visual extravaganza which promises to leave you “creeping and a-crawling” with illicit delight. An original work by Los Angeles-based artist Richard Hawkins, the video represents a collage of sorts, bringing together “queer longing, requited and unrequited via gay pornography, Hollywood queer baiting and uncensored male desire with cartoon stimuli and footage from Wild Daughter’s carnal ICA London performance (2019) and its legendary golden phallus”. A typically transgressive trip from the trio, it is – as they say – an unihibited ride. Watch the video below.