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Miss Jason: The YouTube Sensation and London’s Greeziest Club Host

Meet the star of Jason’s Closet, who introduces himself and his notorious channel...

Miss Jason is the 21-year-old, South London-raised star of YouTube sensation, Jason’s Closet. Emerging from the ranks of regulars at Hackney’s all-inclusive party PDA, this underground club host has evolved into a roving fashion reporter, and never looks anything less than extra.

From legendary goth night Slimelight, to a birthday rave for dancehall diva Mitchieboo, Jason’s Closet meets the characters and communities keeping London club culture alive. Complete with H2T, a segment dedicated to showcasing the greeziest head-to-toe looks, wherever Miss Jason finds them; dancefloor, queue or smoking area.

Preparing for the Jason’s Closet finale party, a reimagining of Oprah Winfrey’s Legends Ball featuring a stellar cast of favourites from season one, he explains how sometimes the best interviewees let their clothes do the talking, and why he can’t wait to experience Glasgow’s gabber scene. “Make sure you guys tune in, it’s gonna be fab!”

“I am a club host. I make your life lit. I get on the mic, dance all night and make sure you’re dancing too. So, the idea for Jason’s Closet was about experiencing different scenes, from heavy metal to dancehall. And what I discovered is that we’re all the same. We’re all kookie, and out there. I’m a talker, in case you hadn’t noticed, but the people who stand out aren’t the most talkative. What they are is confident in their look. Confidence is the secret to looking good, the biggest thing you can do to feel good about yourself is be confident. Even if you’re really shy, your outfit can say: ‘This is who I am!’

“I don’t think about people’s reactions, you just attack them with the microphone, then gauge how to carry on the interview. One thing is to permanently smile, to make them feel at home with you. I’ve worked in the service industry for a long time, so I’ve learned how to sell, and be open with people so that they feel confident enough to talk to you. For the dancehall episode [see above], which I really wanted to do even though it has a homophobic reputation, I wore a rhinestone Versace top and was really extra. If you’re the highest form of yourself, it builds your confidence. I knew that if I was super nice to everyone, then I’d get that back. Once you get into that frame of thinking, it’s not that deep. And then what happens? Jason’s Closet.

“Before I started going to PDA, it felt like London club culture was dying. There was nowhere to go. But PDA is like a family, and you quickly realise that there are other club families too, and so many overlaps. The show highlights that, and the scene is popping! There is so much going on that I had no idea about. So, I really want people to tune in, and discover things to try themselves. We all exist in bubbles with our friends, liking the same things, going to the same places. But, once you burst that bubble and jump into someone else’s, your mind is blown, and everything is new.

“Everyone knows that I’m obsessed with American TV host Wendy Williams. Ob-sessed! She is someone who really doesn’t care about your opinion, and will just state hers anyway, and I love that. I have friends like that, and they are my biggest influences. People doing their own thing, but really well. Not caring about the world’s perception of them, just being themselves.

“For season two we thought about taking Jason’s Closet global, to places like New York, but I still feel there’s more of the UK to explore. I need to visit Glasgow and listen to some gabber! I need to go to Wales, and experience middle England. Eventually, I’ll have my own talk show, more Trisha than Ricki Lake. But I want to do more hosting first – it’s live and in the moment. And there’s no greater feeling than watching somebody enjoy themselves, and knowing you helped them do that.

“The world of Miss Jason is crazy. It’s wild. The world of Miss Jason is busy! Sometimes all I want to do is just sleep all day. But actually, crazy is fine. What is normal anyway? Yesterday I hosted an adult baby party!”