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Endless Joy Spring/Summer 2020 SS20 lookbook Bali
Style & GroomingAnOther Name to KnowEnter the Psychomagic World of Art Project and Label Endless JoyFounded by painter Stevie Anderson, Endless Joy sells Bali-inspired bowling shirts which support the creative community of the Indonesian islandBen Perdue
Jermaine Gallacher
Life & CultureWho’s HappeningJermaine Gallacher, the Off-Kilter Design Dealer and Interior DesignerFor the Autumn/Winter 2019 issue of Another Man, Jermaine Gallacher talks to us about the things he likes, the things he doesn’t and a lost night out with Grace JonesBen Perdue
Life & CultureWho’s HappeningGareth Wrighton, the Knitwear Designer Blurring Fantasy and RealityGareth Wrighton has an unorthodox design approach, building semi-autobiographical collections of fully formed fictional charactersBen Perdue
Honey Harper musician Another Man Thomas Hauser Reuben Esser
Life & CultureWho’s HappeningHoney Harper, the Glam Cowboy Spearheading ‘Cosmic Country’ MusicCosmic country pioneer Honey Harper relives a hair-raising tour through the badlands of UkraineBen Perdue
Master Peace
Life & CultureWho’s HappeningMaster Peace, South London’s Reigning Alt-Punk-Surf Rap StarThe 19-year-old tells Ben Perdue about the pressures of growing up in south London, and connecting with King Krule over an out-of-date sandwichBen Perdue
Ben Broome curator Drawing A Blank
Life & CultureWho’s HappeningBen Broome, the Emerging Curator Supporting New ArtistsThe curator and founder of Drawing A Blank remembers the night one of his art shows ended with an armed response from the NYPDBen Perdue
Francis Jaillans
Life & CultureWho’s HappeningFrancis Jaillans, the Genre-Defying Make-Up Artist and Set DesignerThe 23-year-old is a walking extension of his own universe, where baroque exuberance, Club Kid energy and occult handicraft collideBen Perdue
Life & CultureFeatureAI Poetry, Orlando and Raves: The Another Man Field GuideAll aboard a freewheeling train of thought via random literary connections and strange musical attractors. Calling at: AI poetry, Orlando, Spiral Tribe raves and the past, present and future of Africa Ben Perdue
Life & CultureLongreadA Cosmic and Practical Manual for Modern Positive LivingAs part of the Earth document featured in the S/S19 issue of Another Man, Ben Perdue presents a cosmic and practical field guide for positive livingBen Perdue
Life & CultureWho’s HappeningEmi Maggi: A Performance Artist Obsessed with Dance and Dress-UpItalian multidisciplinary artist Emi Maggi’s work combines ceramics, costumes and choreographyBen Perdue
Style & GroomingWho’s HappeningMiss Jason: The YouTube Sensation and London’s Greeziest Club HostMeet the star of Jason’s Closet, who introduces himself and his notorious channel...Ben Perdue
Life & CultureWho’s HappeningDavid Wrench: The Producer and Mixer Who Sees SoundsThe musician and one half of disco-pop duo Audiobooks tells Ben Perdue about his love of experimental soundsBen Perdue
Life & CultureFeatureThis IG Account is a Mind-Bending Feast for the ImaginationToyko-based Joshua Kennewell is the man behind @toumbido, a gallery of visual treats from psychedelic shamans to fantasy monstersBen Perdue
Style & GroomingWho’s Happening419: The Fashion Collective Challenging African StereotypesMenswear designers Olubiyi Thomas, Daniel Olatunji and Foday Dumbuya have created a unique support system, which they liken to an incubatorBen Perdue
Life & CultureWho’s HappeningHugo Hamlet: The Multi-Talented Musician Bringing Back the Art of ClowningAfter burying his greatest hits at sea, this musician, painter and clown is set to make the world his stage with a new tragicomic cabaretBen Perdue
Life & CultureFeaturePaul Kindersley: the Artist Broadcasting Deranged Makeovers on YouTubeA ‘standup comedian, makeup artist and idiot’, Kindersley is a master of disruptive, chaotic storytellingBen Perdue
Leo Carlton fashion milliner headgear interview 2018
Style & GroomingFeatureMeet the Milliner Behind Headgear for Charles Jeffrey and Dilara FindikogluIntroducing Leo Carlton, the virtual reality obsessed whizz-kid currently queering up millinery with his ultra-modern hats-cum-fashion artefactsBen Perdue
Denzel Himself musician rapper producer
Life & CultureFeatureDenzel Himself: the Straight-Edge Punk of RapAnother Man meets the disruptive rapper, producer and director, who opens up about matters of the heart and the power of recognitionBen Perdue
Alfie and George Rouy
Life & CultureFeatureGeorge and Alfie Rouy: the Brothers Preparing for Art World DominationAlfie is just building his practice, George is already on the radar, touted as one of this generation’s most promising paintersBen Perdue
Tropical Dan tattoo artist
Life & CultureFeatureThe Semi-Retired Tattooer Running a Sex Cult from His East End DungeonAnother Man meets Tropical Dan, the mastermind behind East End fetish club Dirt DoersBen Perdue
Emerson Snowe
Life & CultureFeatureThe Australian Musician Who Found Sobriety, Then Love, and Released an LPAnother Man meets Jarrod Mahon aka Emerson Snowe, who opens up about all things romanceBen Perdue
Charlie Plummer actor interview mens fashion style fall 2018
Life & CultureLongreadActor Charlie Plummer Answers Eight Questions About LoveSpeaking to Another Man, Hollywood’s passionate new prodigy discusses the loves of his life and stars in an exclusive short film, dressed in the A/W18 Paul Smith collectionBen Perdue
Kamixlo producer Another Man Chris Lensz Reuben Esser
Life & CultureFeatureKamixlo, the Brixton-Based Producer Making Big Noise with a Baseball BatAs he gears up to release his new EP, we meet producer and Bala Club co-founder, who’s creating a sound ‘as abrasive as a clothesline, or a knee to the face’Ben Perdue
William Dill-Russell designer interview 2018 Another Man
Style & GroomingUp NextWilliam Dill-Russell, the Non-Binary Designer Crafting Dramatic ClothesWestminster graduate William Dill-Russell says he’s ‘challenging my own identity issues through clothing’Ben Perdue