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Travelling through Kenya with Louis Vuitton’s Kim Jones

The designer shares a diary from his recent trip to Africa and explains why travel plays such an important role within his work

Kim Jones is never happier than when he’s travelling. The Artistic Director of Men’s Collections at Louis Vuitton spent his formative years travelling around Africa with his family and returns frequently to the continent to this day. In fact, he’s spent a portion of his summer in Kenya and here, he gives us an insight into this trip.

“Kenya is very special for me as I spent a lot of my childhood there,” he says. “I stayed at Arijiju in the Borena Conservancy in the north of the country, which has great wildlife. I was very lucky and saw a lot of black rhino and white rhino, as well as some rare Grévy’s zebra, leopards, lions and a cheetah with cubs, which was amazing.”

But these trips are far more than holidays for Jones – they play an important role within his work as a designer, giving him the opportunity to research. “Whenever I travel I’m always looking for inspiration,” he explains, “and for that Kenya has been great. I’ve been taking tonnes of photos.” Here, he shares some of those images.

Day One

Day Two

Day Three

Day Four