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Exclusive: Watch Wild Daughter’s Transgressive New Music Video

The London band presents the video to their new song, Mr G, which is inspired by a 1960s experimental short film

Ahead of their live performance at the ICA this evening, London band and “modern-day wreckers of civilisation” Wild Daughter present the video to their new song and second single, Mr G.

The song, says frontman James Jeanette, is about unrequited love and “looking for love in all the wrong (or right?) places, such as cruising”.

“It started with Jacob’s killer bassline,” he continues. “Then Stuart added his heartfelt wail and screaming guitar and I added sketches from my notepad about a particular situation. But it’s not too serious, it’s taking the piss out of yourself in matters of the heart.”

Directed by Douglas Hart and styled by Another Man’s fashion director Ellie Grace Cumming, the video reflects the band’s wild (no pun intended) and transgressive roots. That’s reflected in its inspirations too, which include Bruce Conners’ 1966 experimental short film Breakaway.

“When we got [the song] back from Dan Donovan and Mark Moore, who mixed it, I was listening to it while watching Breakaway and I thought, ‘wow, that works!’” says Jeanette of the video’s origins. “Then Douglas, who has the most extensive knowledge of underground and trash movies, brought in the Lash LaRue reference and also Kitten with a Whip, which the whole video is a tribute to.”

With support from Berlin’s Die Hässlichen Vögel and video installations from artists Aaron Sharif and Gerald Paul White, this evening’s event will, says Jeanette, channel “romantic heroes and gender-ambiguous devils” and navigate “common themes including desire, mysticism, addiction, androgyny, the joy of sexuality and gender fuckery”.

Sounds like our kind of Thursday night... And it’s not too late to RSVP. Head here for tickets.