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Watch Wild Daughter’s Gig at London Leather Bar The Backstreet

James Jeanette and Stuart McKenzie share a video of their recent performance at London’s longest-running fetish club

James Jeanette is a London institution and an Another Man icon. A true creative polymath, he straddles jobs as a model, store owner, stylist, party organiser and DJ – plus, he’s a founding member of “garage kink” band, Wild Daughter, along with his bandmates Stuart McKenzie and Jakob Shaw.

Wild Daughter performed at John Sullivan’s London Fashion Week Men’s show this January and, more recently, tore up London leather bar The Backstreet – a venue Jeanette has been a fan of since he was first introduced to the place in 2013.

“I was just back from cleaning up off the smack with monks in a monastery in Thailand, when Rick Owens messaged me asking to organise a party in a sex club. That’s when I became familiar with John the proprietor of The Backstreet,” he tells Another Man. “John is an amazing character and of course fell in love with the place. It become a regular haunt of mine and the idea of doing a gig there was a dream.”

This dream is captured in a video which was shot on the night and is premiered today on Shot by filmmaker Jess Kohl, it captures the band performing Digit – a song about making a ‘sigil’, a symbol considered to have magical power. According to Jeanette, this – along with all the other songs they performed that night – was “a love letter to all the artists we love who died of AIDS”.

Watch the film below and listen to the full performance here: