Nick Cave Shares Polaroids Offering a Glimpse Into His Inner World

With iPhone at the ready, Nick Cave obsessively records the moments unfolding in front of him. Here, he weaves a narrative through a selection of these snapshots, telling a simultaneous story of the everyday and the profound

Taken from the document curated by Nick Cave, featured in the A/W18 ‘Romance and Ritual’ issue of Another Man:

“I began taking a lot of photographs about two years ago. I felt the distinct need to record as much of the information around me as I possibly could, not just as an aide memoire but also as a way to hold onto things that kept disappearing on me.

“I discovered the ShakeItPhoto App on the iPhone that takes a simulated Polaroid photograph that is, in my opinion, better than the original Polaroid, which, if anyone really remembers were very hit and miss. This was part of the original Polaroid’s charm, I know, but impossibly impractical when you are taking as many photographs as I am.

Another Man asked me to choose a small selection of my photographs and write a paragraph about each one. I have done this and paired them into couples for some playful counterpoint. Many of the photos and the little stories concern my wife, Susie, because like my highly visual songs, I am recording what I see and it seems that much of my life circles around her. It is the seeing, both in my songs and the photographs, that is so important to me.” – Nick Cave

The A/W18 ‘Romance and Ritual’ issue of Another Man is out now. Buy a copy here.