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Watch a Brand New Video from Emerging Glaswegian Band Kelora

Kelora introduce the video for their new song, Girl

Kelora is an emerging Glaswegian band comprising of Kitty Hall and Benedict Salter – along with Finn O’Hare, who they’ve been playing with for the past year or so.

The band are at the forefront of a wave of new musical talent emanating from the city, capturing the bleak socio-political landscape of post-Brexit Scotland, and call their music “oldewave” – a word they’ve coined themselves to describe the folk-inspired contemporary music they create.

Here, Kelora premiere the video for their new song Girl, which is about “women and suffering through the ages”. Describing it as “the newest in a chain of low budget (or budgetless) self-made videos”, Girl was shot in the Cairngorms in the eastern Highlands of Scotland. In fact they travelled as north and as high up as possible to shoot it, so as to “create another world or reflect the hopeless realities of this one”.

“Scotland has the right sort of locations for the mood that we want to get across,” they explain, shedding more light on the video. “It’s dramatic and the light has a luminous quality, especially when you go further north. The environment around where we live and in reachable distance has been ideal for us to work with. Glasgow’s music scene is also very inspiring to be part of in that there’s lots of positive energy, talent and help here.”

Kelora will be playing at Sebright Arms in London on March 9. Head here for more details.