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Watch a New Video from Emerging Sad-Boy Pop Musician Jordan Hunt

The composer and vocalist debuts his latest single, Mother

“I’d describe my music as ‘sad-boy pop,’” says Jordan Hunt, the composer, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist who first came to our attention as the musical director of the London-based performance group known as Theo Adams Company. “It’s melancholic, emotive, melismatic, introspective, contradictory, essentialist.”

Brought up in Oldham, near Manchester on a diet of Joan Baez, Gladys Knight and Tchaikovsky, Hunt read Composition at the Royal Academy of Music before joining a band called The Irrepressibles and discovering the likes of Nina Simone, Joni Mitchell and James Blake – artists who “all share a kind of ‘voice of the oracle’ in the way they think and express themselves so uniquely, yet so universally, to me at least.”

Since then, he’s been working on his own music, exploring cheery themes such as “melancholy, the end and loss.” Lately, though, he’s been trying to balance out the melancholy with something more upbeat. “Recently I’ve been drawn to celebrating unique relationships and friendships I’m lucky to be part of, trying to find common ground with fellow humans’ experiences. If I dig deep and find sadness, I try to balance it with something positive, hopefully without undermining either feeling.”

Which brings us to his latest release, Mother, which is premiered here and, as its title suggests, is all about his mum. Created in partnership with his friend and longtime collaborator, artist Sam Williams, the video was filmed at the white cliffs of Kent and features beautiful shots of the landscape and Hunt himself posing amidst it. Describing the experience as “durational performance art,” he says the song “offers an unflinching (if disguised) critique of her situation, but at its core, it marvels at the contrariness of love for the most important person in my life.”

Don’t Fly Too Far, the second single from Jordan Hunt’s forthcoming debut 12” EP ‘Long Lost’ will be available to stream and buy from Febuary 9.