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The Ten Most Riveting Photo Stories of the Year

A look back at the most compelling photography published on this website in 2017

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and it’s true, they have the power to tell stories. Since our launch in June, we’ve been priviledged to have able to share some amazing stories through the photographic work of some truly incredible image-makers. David Ledoux told us about France’s surfing communities, while Pieter Hugo told us about Nigeria’s “hyena men”; Victor Bockris told us about New York’s downtown art scene in the 1980s, and Ewen Spencer told us about life for young Brits in early 2000s. So, as 2017 draws to a close, we cast an eye back at the ten most riveting photo stories of the year.

On Pagham Beach, Photographs and Collages from the 1930s by Keith Vaughan

Though these images were created around 80 years ago, they’re as captivating today as they ever were. Depicting men on the beach, these photographs were taken by Keith Vaughan during covert visits to Pagham Beach in West Sussex in the 1930s.

Surfers by David Ledoux

This series by French photographer David Ledoux was taken a little more recently. Last year, in fact, over several trips to the stretch of coast between Hossegor and Saint Jean de Luz, where he spent time documenting the region’s surfers

The Hyena & Other Men by Pieter Hugo

In this extraordinary series, South African photographer Pieter Hugo shines a light on the “hyena men” of Nigeria. Ten years after publishing these photographs, Hugo reflects on the series and their transition into a “cultural meme”.

Basquiat: A Portrait by Richard Corman

In 1984, American photographer Richard Corman paid Basquiat a visit at his studio and took a series of photographs, some of which have never been seen. Until now. Here, he reveals these images and recalls his encounter with ‘the radiant child’.

Drowned in a Transparent Tear by Pieter Hugo

For the A/W17 issue of Another Man, Pieter Hugo and Another Man’s Fashion Director Ellie Grace Cumming headed into the outlands of Morocco with Skepta’s new Nike sneakers, capturing them on local men specially cast for the project.

Taghazout by Vincent Le Chapelain

For this series, which was also created in Morocco, French photographer Vincent Le Chapelain turned his lens on the surf scene of Taghazout, a fishing village on the Atlantic coast, capturing its surfers in the warm light of the Moroccan sunset.

DMZ: Demitilarized Zone of Korea by Park Jongwoo

The Demilitarised Zone of Korea is one of the most dangerous places on the planet, but that didn’t phase Park Jongwoo who headed right into the heart of the region to document it. Here, he shares his experiences and some of his incredible photos.

Young Love by Ewen Spencer

What does it mean to be young and British? That was the question which, between 2000-2001, drove Newcastle-born photographer Ewen Spencer to travel up and down the country, photographing the nation’s young people. This is his answer.

Burroughs Reloaded by Victor Bockris

Focussed on William Burroughs and his friends and acquaintances, Victor Bockris’s new book Burroughs Reloaded is an intriguing insight into the New York downtown art scene, featuring the likes of Warhol, Basquiat, Ginsberg and Haring.

All Statues Sing Protest Songs by Peter De Potter

Best known for creating Raf Simons’ imagery from 2001 to 2010, Peter De Potter’s work explores youth culture’s social relationship with the internet. Here he previews his latest project, a book titled All Statues Sing Protest Songs.