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10 Quotes that Prove Rick Owens is a Creative Genius

To celebrate the iconoclastic designer’s birthday, we present a selection of his best quotes from the Another Man and AnOther archives

Limboing under the rules and dodging convention like bullets, Rick Owens’ work marries the eerie and the esoteric without compromise. The Californian is the perfect example of a designer who has formed an aesthetic so distinct, that it can be identified as his without so much as a second look. Building a brand and executing his vision with the freedom of independence, he has created a world that combines gothicism and grace.

With ever-engaging references and a visual stimulation that continues to surpass expectations, Rick Owens refuses to be restricted by the perceived parameters of what is aesthetically acceptable in fashion. And, in honour of his birthday, we’ve rummaged through the Another Man and AnOther archives to present a conglomeration of humour, hard work and humility that demonstrates the designer’s creative brilliance.

1. “Clothes are about aspiration. If I can make weirdness aspirational, I will have done what I set out to do – to expand a somewhat strict set of accepted aesthetic rules.” – Another Man A/W17

2. “The horse fucking and fist-fucking videos? I don’t think Carolina Herrera has those on her résumé.” – AnOther Magazine A/W17

3. “My aesthetic is a very simple recipe – a black and white, Art Deco, Cecil B DeMille lurid Bible Epic.” – Another Man A/W17

4. “I love that I have all these straight guys buying my clothes who would have kicked my ass in high school.” – AnOther Magazine A/W17

5. “I can’t really think of anything more subversive in men’s dress at the moment than heels; people get weird in the street when you wear heels… In short they make you feel like Gene Simmons as you walk to the grocery store.” – AnOther Magazine A/W14

6. “I am fed up with stuff that isn’t perfect. Affecting casualness is every bit as precious as being precious and I am going to be as refined and elegant as I can.” – AnOther Magazine S/S16

7. “If I had to explain myself every day it would kill me; my work is a conversation I’m having with the world.” – AnOther Magazine S/S14

8. “I plan to lose touch with reality. And the more I lose touch with reality, the better I’ll get… I think.” – AnOther Magazine S/S16

9. “I have been very self-destructive and self-critical but I learnt how to accept a lot of my faults and flaws and not make such a big deal about it. Just to get over myself.” – AnOther Magazine A/W17

10. “I think that for everybody, the main thing in life is to be listened to. To be listened to by someone who loves you, to be listened to by a lover, to be listened to by children who you want to teach. You want to express yourself and for people to respond.” – AnOther Magazine S/S14

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