Liam Hess

Liam Hess is a freelance writer.

Santoni Factory Italian Shoes Mens 2019
Style & GroomingFeatureSantoni Is Bringing Traditional Italian Shoemaking Into the 21st CenturyLiam Hess travels to Santoni’s headquarters in Corridonia, Italy, and discovers a brand where traditional technique meets modern thinkingLiam Hess
Inside the Bum by Frank and Tyrone Lebon Harmony Korine
Life & CulturePhoto StoryOn the Set of Harmony Korine’s New Film, The Beach BumBrothers and photographers Frank and Tyrone Lebon collaborated on new photo-book Inside the Bum, which saw them working with one of their “all-time heroes”, Harmony KorineLiam Hess
Style & GroomingLongreadSofia Prantera and Jeremy Deller on Their ‘Wiltshire Before Christ’ ProjectThe mud-soaked ruins of prehistoric Britain are the setting for a new collaborative book, collection and exhibition, Wiltshire Before Christ. Here, Aries Arise designer Sofia Prantera and Deller explain allLiam Hess
Royal Ballet male dancer men Unknown Soldier Harry Churches
Life & CulturePhoto StoryIn Pictures: The Boys of the Royal BalletAlongside an original photo essay, choreographer Alastair Marriott and costume designer Jonathan Howells tell the story of The Unknown Soldier, a ballet commemorating the centenary of the ending of World War I, opening tomorrowLiam Hess
Foto 30-06-18, 23 04 45
Life & CultureLongreadJeremy Deller: ‘The State Always Says Music and Culture Is the Problem’The Turner Prize-winning artist discusses his new documentary which explores British rave culture in the 1980s and early 1990s, drawing parallels to todayLiam Hess
Disturbia Peter Schlesinger Gucci book Dario Argento intervi
Life & CultureLongreadExclusive: The Inside Story of Peter Schlesinger’s Gucci BookThe famed photographer discusses his Dario Argento-inspired art book, Disturbia, shooting the Swinging 60s and discovering his young fanbaseLiam Hess
Bode Emily fashion designer interview Another Man magazine
Style & GroomingFeatureThe New Yorker Turning Old Fabrics Into Fresh DesignsEmily Bode may use vintage and antique fabrics but her clothes are distinctly modernLiam Hess
Life & CulturearticleFive Times Musicians Turned to Film and WonAs Harry Styles makes his silver screen debut, we round up the most seamless transitions from music to film – from Mick Jagger in Performance to Marilyn Manson in Party MonsterLiam Hess