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Rachel Sussman_Jomon Sugi, Japanese Cedar #0704-00
Life & CultureFeatureAmong the Trees: Why Forests Are Both Sinister and SeductiveJames Greig explores the Hayward Gallery’s new exhibition Among the Trees and our shifting relationship with forestsJames Greig
1. Seana Gavin, ‘Mindful Mushroom’, courtesy of th
Life & CultureFeatureWhy Are People So Obsessed with Mushrooms?As Mushrooms: The Art, Design and Future of Fungi continues at Somerset House, James Greig looks at our collective fascination with fungiJames Greig
The Hoodie Rotterdam exhibition
Style & GroomingFeatureWhy the Hoodie Is the Banal but Controversial Garment in FashionAs a new exhibition exploring the hoodie opens in Rotterdam, James Grieg explores the garment’s complex legacyJames Greig