Inside Designer Dilara Findikoglu’s Dark, Fantastical Show

For S/S20, Dilara Findikoglu responded to a world in chaos, staging a show and ‘mass ritual’ to restore Mother Earth to health and bring people together. Here, we share the powerful poem recited at the beginning of the show

The contemporary condition, frozen, until the dawn of change, Just a speculation, no actuality,
The soup of patriarchy, boiled to the limit,
Exploding, reaching the heat of guilt,

More; beyond; acceleration! a new possible future, Freeze the layers of sedated pigs.

She tried, to elevate above the ground,
A new view, the beauty of privilege, away from earth, New heights promised endless hope,
But the ground was left alone,
The aesthetics of distant simplicity.

The complexity left us dreaming, wondering off, Utopia like the truth, only lays on the outskirts, Unreachable, far; hidden at the corner
Where is the exit, for the human predicament? The answer is easy, the totalitarian says.

Everything has been aestheticized,
The tyranny of beauty penetrating politics, Let’s fight back, the tools of fiery persuasion
A new way, once the fire cooled down, Frozen to death, until a brand-new second,

The beauty of all being’s death, Finally, equal, but little do we know, The responsible will be fine,
But the victims flooded into oblivion.

Do we build a house to stand forever? The future rejects and demands plasticity! It is your turn to create a change.