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The Fendi Men’s Baguette Is Finally Here

Launching today at Harrods, the original ‘It’ bag is now available for men

The Fendi baguette is a bag of indisputably iconic status. Often credited as the first ‘It’ bag, the baguette was unleashed into the universe in 1997, infiltrating fashion and culture in the years that followed – most famously in Sex and the City. While it’s a defining accessory of the late 90s and early 00s, 20 years on, the bag is having a renaissance – and this time, it’s for men too.

Yes, today sees the official launch of the Fendi men’s baguette at Harrod’s, London. A bulkier, slightly more boxy brother to the original, the bag is available in a variety of colours – think: black, brown, navy and canary yellow – in leather, as well as a ‘Karl Kollage’ print in nylon. All, of course, with the essential double FF clasp.

Fendi has released a film to celebrate the launch, starring influencers Marc Forné, Leo Mandella and Nasir Dean, who demonstrate how seamlessly this bag can fit into a luxury men’s wardrobe. Instead of looking nostalgic, like some sort of sartorial throwback, the men’s baguette looks thoroughly contemporary – and very elegant, too.

Fendi’s men’s baguette is available at the house’s Piazza Pop-Up at Harrods, which is open until August 20, 2019.