Watch a Film Inspired by the New Age Ritual of Grounding

Michael James Fox and Ellie Grace Cumming present a new film starring model Benjamin Lessore

Grounding is a way of connecting to Mother Earth. The premise is very simple: by walking barefoot, lying on the ground or actually immersing yourself in earth, you allow your negative or nervous energy to run off; much in the same way you do when you earth a piece of electrical equipment. In return, you absorb Mother Earth’s positive and peaceful energy, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalised. It’s this New Age ritual, practiced by pagans around the world, that inspired this film by Michael James Fox, which was created in line with the A/W18 ‘Romance and Ritual’ issue of Another Man. Working with Another Man’s fashion director Ellie Grace Cumming, Fox headed to Rosendale Allotments in Dulwich, south London, and shot this film, which stars model Benjamin Lessore as its protagonist. The 90-second short sees Lessore interact with the earth, before immersing himself in it – wearing apparel by Alexander McQueen, John Alexander Skelton, Yang Li, Yohji Yamamoto, HunRod, and Raf Simons. Watch the film below and, next time you feel off, consider grounding as a remedy to your problem.

A FILM BY Michael James Fox STYLING Ellie Grace Cumming GROOMING Alfie Sackett SET DESIGN Jabez Bartlett MODEL Benjamin Lessore CASTING Piotr Chamier PHOTOGRAPHY ASSISTANT Phil Hewitt PRODUCTION 1888 Productions FASHION ASSISTANTS Jordan Duddy, Bella Kavanagh SET DESIGN ASSISTANT Kit Falck MUSIC Carl Gari & Abdullah Miniawy SPECIAL THANKS Rosendale Allotments