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Seven Tips for Wearing Leather

Another Man presents some simple, easy-to-follow advice for wearing leather

In the immortal words of esteemed fashion commentator Albert Einstein, “One leather jacket solves the coat problem for many years.” It’s true, it really does. And now that autumn is here, we can finally start wearing leather again. In anticipation of the season ahead, we’ve pulled together a couple of tips for wearing the fabric. So have a read and take heed...

1. Soften It with a Roll Neck...

The leather jacket has been associated with music subcultures since the dawn of punk in the mid-70s. But maybe you don’t want to look like Sid Vicious. Maybe you don’t like the Sex Pistols or don’t agree with the fundamentals of punk. Or maybe you just want to look a bit nicer and more approachable. In which case, may we recommend softening your leather jacket with a roll neck. If you want to look especially nice and approachable and not-Sid-Vicious-y, choose an extra soft fabric such as merino wool or cashmere (Mr Porter has some great options), and an equally soft colour, like white, beige or any macaroon-esque hue.

2. ...Or a Floral Shirt

Another way to de-Sid-Vicious-ise your look is by wearing a floral shirt. Sid wouldn’t be seen dead in one. You could choose a silk one or, if you have a lot of disposible income and/or access to Kim Jones’ S/S18 collection for Louis Vuitton, an organza Hawaiian shirt layered over a silver foil Hawaiian shirt. It’ll immediately soften your outfit, whether you’re wearing a leather jacket or some leather trews like our A/W17 cover star Sergei Polunin here.

3. Alternatively, Toughen It up with a Black Shirt

Ok, so maybe you want to look like Sid Vicious. Maybe you love Sid and have a poster of him in your bedroom. Maybe for you he’s the epitome of style and fashion itself. If that’s you, select one of the following options: 1) wear no shirt at all, just a padlock necklace, 2) a barely-there vest that goes down to your naval, 3) a black t-shirt, or 4) a black shirt like this one. (Though admittedly Sid probably wouldn’t wear one by Vetements, but you never know.)

4. ...Or Try Leather on Leather

Another way to toughen up your look is to try leather-on-leather: matching your jacket (or shirt) with your trousers, just like the Lizard King and original “leather tiger”, Jim Morrison. This works well for an evening or going-out look – though if you’re going clubbing, watch that you don’t get overheated. You don’t want to do a Wendy Williams.

5. Mix It with a Tailored Trouser

Perhaps you’re quite fancy. Perhaps you regularly go to dressy do’s – either for work, or because your personal life requires it. If that’s you, then try mixing your leather jacket with a tailored trousers, such as this checked pair modelled by Harry Styles. It’s a sure-fire way to smarten up your look.

6. Go Classic with a Leather Trench

You may think that a leather coat might make you look a bit Cyberdog (if you know, you know), or like you’re waging a war against the Machines, but nothing could be further than the truth. When done right, a coat – particularly a trench – is a classic and invariably elegant way to wear leather. Burberry do an amazing one which I desperately want and will never be able to afford, but if you’re looking for something more affordable, try a vintage shop like Breuer and Dawson in Margate who do really good leathers.

7. Experiment with Different Colours

As Brad Pitt’s jacket in Fight Club proves, leather looks great in different colours, so why not experiment? You could try a terracotta red like Brad’s jacket, a praying mantis green like this biker situation from Vetements, or a more muted colour like brown. After all, why it gotta be black?