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How to Wear a Vest

As the sweltering heat continues, Another Man presents seven simple tips for wearing the wardrobe staple

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A global heatwave is currently scorching the planet – today, the UK’s all-time temperature record could be broken with scalding temperatures of up to 37C. Naturally, when it comes to getting dressed in the morning, this poses a challenge: how can you wear as little as humanly possible but still look appropriate to walk out the door? Well, the vest is a surefire way to stay cool. Sure, it has slovenly connotations, but it doesn’t have to be that way – here are seven simple tips for wearing a vest.

1. Don’t be afraid of a printed vest

First off, your vest doesn’t have to be white, or indeed any plain colour. Opt for a striped vest or, if you’re feeling adventurous, a patterned one – like this beaded number by Raf Simons.

2. Double it up

Another way to style a vest is to double it up. Wear a simple, more tight-fitting one underneath and another more loose-fitting (and perhaps more vibrant) one on top. Try playing with different fabrics too – a simple but clever way to make your look more interesting.

3. Add a necklace

Add further interest by wearing your vest with a necklace – a simple gold or silver chain works well, or a longer beaded number like the one in this photo. Any will do.

4. Pair it with a tailored trouser...

An easy way to elevate your look (while keeping your arms cool) is pairing your vest with some smart trousers. Jeans and tracksuit bottoms always make things look casual but a crisp pair of tailored trousers always smartens them up. Tuck in your vest, add a nice belt and away you go...

5. Or even a printed trouser…

For a nice, more casual summer look, pair your vest with some printed trousers, like this floral crépe pair by Gucci.

Wear it under a jacket

Ok, so maybe this one isn’t for the 37C heat, but if it’s a bit cooler or you’re going out in the evening, layer your vest under a shirt or jacket. You could opt for a vintage military jacket like Harry here, or something simpler like a tailored suit jacket or a bomber.

Match it with some leather or PVC

This one really isn’t for 37C heat, but if you’re going out-out and fancy something more sexy, try matching your vest with some leather or PVC trousers. Go on, we dare you.