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Fashion Meets Dance in this Beautiful New Film from Pigalle

Exclusive: Stéphane Ashpool presents a new film capturing his A/W18 collection

Pigalle is a brand associated with basketball, not dance. And yet its founder, Stéphane Ashpool, loves the medium and has in fact created a film – premiered here – featuring dancers to showcase his A/W18 collection.

“Stéphane’s mother was a ballerina and he spoke a lot about his memories as a child surrounded by dancers,” explains the film’s director, Julien Pujol, shedding some light on the origins of the project. “This collection was really an homage to that.”

“Stéphane and I wanted to make a film that translates that idea of a young kid surrounded by musicians and dancers and what kind of grown up mysteriousness they could evoke,” he continues.

The film was shot at the Conservatoire de Paris, an old Parisian college of music and dance, and features some of its students practicing their instruments, along with models. As Pujol notes, there’s something quite Degas about it all.

Watch the film below: