Tom of Finland

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Style & GroomingLongreadThe Sexy, Secret History of Leather Fetish FashionFrom post-war motorcycle groups to modern-day sex apps, this is the story of how leather became a symbol of masculinity and sexualityLouis Staples
Mel Odom illustrator Daniel Cooney Gallery New York
Life & CultureLongreadThe Anti-Tom of Finland: Meet the Artist Who Redefined the Queer AestheticAhead of his upcoming New York show, Hynam Kendall meets Mel Odom – one of queer art’s most intriguing figuresHynam Kendall
Silvia Prada Tom of Finland Foundation
Life & CulturePhoto StoryTom of Finland’s Drawings, as Seen by a Female ArtistSilvia Prada pays homage to the Finnish artist’s work, but also presents a female gazeMiss Rosen
Tom of Finland drawings
Life & CultureFeatureHow Tom of Finland Inspired a Generation of Queer Image-MakersWithout Touko Laaksonen’s risqué illustrations, the landscape of queer art would look radically different. Here, we explore his influence on five different artists, from Robert Mapplethorpe to John WatersMiss Rosen
I Am A Fascist Pig #3 copy from photocpy (1)
Life & CultureFeatureThe Artist Who Recreated Tom of Finland’s Drawings for WomenIn the wake of our Bob Mizer feature in the A/W17 issue of Another Man, GB Jones talks about her connection with the Finnish artist’s workAlex Denney
NIKLAS HOGNER by Josef Persson
Life & CulturearticleTalking to the Director of the Must-See Tom of Finland FilmWe speak to Dome Karukoski about his biopic of the provocative artist which is about to hit UK cinemasDaisy Woodward