Willy Ndatila


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Style & GroomingPhoto StoryPhotographer Ivar Wigan on His Muse, Zaina MiucciaIvar Wigan talks to Willy Ndatila, aka William Cult, about his photography, Jamaica and his relationship with Zaina MiucciaWilly Ndatila
Nepal Ragpickers Homeless Children Sean Alexander Geraghty
Life & CulturePhoto StoryPortraits of Nepal’s Ragpickers and Homeless YouthSean Alexander Geraghty speaks to Willy Ndatila about his powerful series shot in KathmanduWilly Ndatila
From the book Goodbye America by Brad Feuerhelm
Life & CultureOpinionThe Problem with Social Media, by Willy Ndatila AKA @WilliamCultTo coincide with Mental Health Awareness Week, Willy Ndatila shares some thoughts on social media and the effect it can have on our livesWilly Ndatila