Trey Taylor

Trey Taylor is Film Editor of Dazed

Josh Harnett in Pearl Harbor (2001)
Life & CultureFeatureWhat Happened to Josh Hartnett?Though he owned the years between 2001 and 2003, the Pearl Harbour star has all but disappeared, writes Trey TaylorTrey Taylor
Life & CultureFeatureTimothée Chalamet and the Case of the Skinny Actor SlimdownChalamet lost 18 pounds to play addict Nic Sheff in the newly released Beautiful Boy. But lithe actors losing even more weight for a role is nothing new, writes Trey TaylorTrey Taylor
Keanu Reeves
Life & CultureFeatureThe Saddest Story You’ll Ever Read Is the Life of Keanu Reeves‘He’s the People’s Prince who has suffered royal pains,’ writes Trey TaylorTrey Taylor
Ricky Nelson fans Harry Styles
Life & CultureFeatureRicky Nelson, Harry Styles, and the Advent of Teen Fanaticism50 odd years before tweens were begging for abuse at the hands of their idols, the first teen idol, Ricky Nelson, was being asked by fans to steamroll them, writes Trey TaylorTrey Taylor
River Phoenix topless
Life & CultureFeatureRiver Phoenix’s Insatiable Appetite for SexTrey Taylor shines a light on a lesser known side to the Hollywood starTrey Taylor