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Jermaine Gallacher
Life & CultureWho’s HappeningJermaine Gallacher, the Off-Kilter Design Dealer and Interior DesignerFor the Autumn/Winter 2019 issue of Another Man, Jermaine Gallacher talks to us about the things he likes, the things he doesn’t and a lost night out with Grace JonesBen Perdue
Life & CultureWho’s HappeningGareth Wrighton, the Knitwear Designer Blurring Fantasy and RealityGareth Wrighton has an unorthodox design approach, building semi-autobiographical collections of fully formed fictional charactersBen Perdue
Honey Harper musician Another Man Thomas Hauser Reuben Esser
Life & CultureWho’s HappeningHoney Harper, the Glam Cowboy Spearheading ‘Cosmic Country’ MusicCosmic country pioneer Honey Harper relives a hair-raising tour through the badlands of UkraineBen Perdue
Master Peace
Life & CultureWho’s HappeningMaster Peace, South London’s Reigning Alt-Punk-Surf Rap StarThe 19-year-old tells Ben Perdue about the pressures of growing up in south London, and connecting with King Krule over an out-of-date sandwichBen Perdue
Ben Broome curator Drawing A Blank
Life & CultureWho’s HappeningBen Broome, the Emerging Curator Supporting New ArtistsThe curator and founder of Drawing A Blank remembers the night one of his art shows ended with an armed response from the NYPDBen Perdue
Francis Jaillans
Life & CultureWho’s HappeningFrancis Jaillans, the Genre-Defying Make-Up Artist and Set DesignerThe 23-year-old is a walking extension of his own universe, where baroque exuberance, Club Kid energy and occult handicraft collideBen Perdue