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p176-Mick Jagger 1972
Life & CultureFeatureThe Incredible Untold Story of Rock and Roll Photographer Jim MarshallAnnie Leibovitz called him “the rock ‘n’ roll photographer” – then he all but disappeared. A new film and book uncover the tale of abuse and redemption behind the photographs which defined an eraMiss Rosen
Benjamin Fredrickson Photographs male sexuality erotica
Life & CulturePhoto StoryBenjamin Fredrickson’s Portraits Celebrate the Male BodyThe American photographer opens up about a new series of work, which has just gone on display at Daniel Cooney Fine Art in New YorkMiss Rosen
01 - Angel of Night 1982
Life & CultureFeatureSteven Arnold, the Queer Mystic Who Shaped 1960s CountercultureThe subject of a new documentary and now an exhibition at Paris Photo, Steven Arnold was an artist with far-reaching ideasMiss Rosen
Life & CulturePhoto StoryPhotographs Capturing the Teen Skaters of 1970s Los AngelesPhotographer Hugh Holland’s new book Silver. Skate. Seventies. is a never-before-scene portrait of California’s skateboard revolutionMiss Rosen
Hal Fischer The Gay Seventies 1970s Gay San Francisco
Life & CultureFeatureGay Semiotics: Hal Fischer’s Landmark 1970s Photo Series, in His Own WordsHal Fischer’s photography series, Gay Semiotics, deconstructed the ways his queer contemporaries in 1970s San Francisco presented themselves. Here, Fischer tells Another Man the story behind the series – and why he would never do a modern-day versionMiss Rosen
Life & CultureIllicit HistoriesBruce of Los Angeles, the Man Who Pioneered Beefcake PhotographyBruce Bellas, AKA Bruce of Los Angeles, is known as the grandfather of physique photography, influencing seminal image-makers like Robert Mapplethorpe and Herb Ritts. Continuing a new series, Miss Rosen looks at the man behind the photographsMiss Rosen
Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe by Lloyd Ziff
Life & CultureFeaturePhotos of Robert Mapplethorpe and Patti Smith When They Were ‘Just Kids’Lloyd Ziff’s previously unpublished photographs of Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe were taken in New York in 1968. Here, Ziff remembers the two young artists who went on to become iconsMiss Rosen
Outside Life Lowriders Coolers Bikers Bloods Hunter Barnes
Life & CultureFeatureHunter Barnes, the Photographer Documenting America’s OutsidersA new show at David Hill Gallery in London features Hunter Barnes’ photographs of America’s lowriders, coolers, bikers and BloodsMiss Rosen
Life & CultureFeaturePhotographs from Bushwig, Brooklyn’s Radical Festival of DragMeryl Meisler has been photographing New York City nightlife since the 1970s and Bushwick, Brooklyn since the 1980s. Now, she’s turned her lens to Bushwig, the Brooklyn festival celebrating the neighbourhood’s contemporary drag sceneMiss Rosen
Walt Cassidy Club Kids book Skid Astro Erle
Life & CultureFeatureRemembering the Club Kids, the Last Subculture of the Analogue AgeA new book, Waltpaper’s New York: Club Kids, charts the history of the underground subculture – here, Cassidy shares his memories of the radical sceneMiss Rosen
Life & CultureIllicit HistoriesJames Bidgood, the Man Who Pioneered a Dreamy Vision of HomoeroticismIn the first of a new series, Miss Rosen speaks to 86-year-old artist James Bidgood, whose fantastical work is on show now at New York’s Museum of SexMiss Rosen
Life & CultureFeatureMale Erotica from a Time When It Was IllegalFocusing on the decades before Stonewall, Sex Crimes is a new exhibition that brings together work by artists who produced homosexual art and literature under the threat of arrest Miss Rosen
El Malecón Havana Cuba Henry Horenstein ElliottHalls photos
Life & CulturePhoto StoryOne Photographer’s Poignant Portrait of CubaCurrently on display at Elliott Halls Gallery in Amsterdam, Henry Horenstein’s photographs capture Havana’s El Malecón at the turn of the millenniumMiss Rosen
Robert Mapplethorpe Implicit Tensions Guggenheim 2019
Life & CultureFeatureReframing the Complex Legacy of Robert MapplethorpeImplicit Tensions, open now at New York’s Guggenheim, sees Robert Mapplethorpe’s work sit alongside contemporary photography by a diverse group of LGBTQ artistsMiss Rosen
Rick Castro Glory Hole Tom Finland fetish photography
Life & CultureFeatureInside Fetish Photographer Rick Castro’s New Exhibition, Glory HoleThe ‘King of Fetish’ shares the story behind the photographs featured in his new exhibition on the Tom of Finland StoreMiss Rosen
Queens Scampia trans Femminielli community Jess Kohl photo
Life & CulturePhoto StoryThe Queens of Scampia: Photographs of Naples’ Trans CommunityJess Kohl’s photo story shines a light on the ‘Femminielli’ of Campania, ItalyMiss Rosen
Tom Bianchi NYC Polaroid male nudes erotica gay photography
Life & CultureFeatureTom Bianchi’s Beautiful Polaroids of New York’s Newly Liberated Gay MenTom Bianchi’s new book 63 E. 9th Street. NYC Polaroids 1975–1983 offers an intimate window into the life of gay men in 1970s New YorkMiss Rosen
Oh What Fun We Had! Gavin Watson Skinhead fashion style
Life & CulturePhoto StoryPhotographs of Skinheads, Taken by a Skinhead“We had to rebel”: Gavin Watson’s images of his peers in 1970s and 80s Britain offer an insider’s look at skinhead cultureMiss Rosen
Rivera Bad Girls, LA, 1983 (
Life & CulturePhoto StoryA Portrait of Los Angeles in the Early 80s Janette Beckman’s photographs, which have just gone on display, capture a unique moment in LA’s subcultural historyMiss Rosen
Rick Castro fetish erotic photography leather mask
Life & CultureFeatureThe Story of Rick Castro, the Photographer and ‘King of Fetish’We speak with the fetish photographer, whose work is being celebrated at a new exhibition at the Tom of Finland Foundation, opening this weekendMiss Rosen
Vincent Cianni photography gay 1980s AIDs protests ACT UP
Life & CultureFeatureOne Photographer’s Documentation of Gay Culture in the 1980sPain, pleasure, parties and protests: photographer Vincent Cianni’s images capture 1980s LGBTQ life with intimacy, understanding, and empathyMiss Rosen
The Heights Photography Matthew Porter
Life & CulturePhoto StoryCapturing 1970s Muscle Cars in Mid-Air at SunsetPhotographer Matthew Porter previews his new book The Heights Miss Rosen
Bull Riders South Australia Carrieton cowboys Lee Whittaker
Life & CulturePhoto StoryPhotographing the Real Cowboys of South AustraliaIn a new photo essay, published exclusively on, photographer Lee Whittaker captures the brave bull riders of Carrieton, South AustraliaMiss Rosen
Merry Alpern Dirty Windows stripper erotic photography
Life & CultureFeaturePeep Show: Surreptitious Photos of an Illegal Sex ClubIn 1993, documentary photographer Merry Alpern stumbled across a room offering view into the bathroom window of an illegal sex club – a discovery that led to her series Dirty Windows, now on display in ParisMiss Rosen