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The Heights Photography Matthew Porter
Life & CulturePhoto StoryCapturing 1970s Muscle Cars in Mid-Air at SunsetPhotographer Matthew Porter previews his new book The Heights Miss Rosen
Bull Riders South Australia Carrieton cowboys Lee Whittaker
Life & CulturePhoto StoryPhotographing the Real Cowboys of South AustraliaIn a new photo essay, published exclusively on, photographer Lee Whittaker captures the brave bull riders of Carrieton, South AustraliaMiss Rosen
Merry Alpern Dirty Windows stripper erotic photography
Life & CultureFeaturePeep Show: Surreptitious Photos of an Illegal Sex ClubIn 1993, documentary photographer Merry Alpern stumbled across a room offering view into the bathroom window of an illegal sex club – a discovery that led to her series Dirty Windows, now on display in ParisMiss Rosen
Life & CulturePhoto StoryCaptivating Portraits of People Living Off the GridMichael Joseph’s photographs capture a community of Travellers who roam the United States by hopping freight trains and hitchhikingMiss Rosen
Ben Frederickson male nude photography Polaroid
Life & CultureLongreadThe Photographer Who Documented His Sex Work and Hookups Through PolaroidsBenjamin Fredrickson speaks to Another Man about chronicling his sexual awakening and seroconversion through means of his Polaroid cameraMiss Rosen
Mappplethorpe_93.4289_Self Portrait 1980
Life & CultureLongreadRemembering Robert Mapplethorpe Through Stories From Those Who Knew HimAs a new exhibition of his work opens at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York, four people recount their memories of 20th-century art’s most subversive image-makerMiss Rosen
Bowie Unseen 1
Life & CulturePhoto StoryBeautiful Photos of a Pre-Fame David BowieOn what would have been Bowie’s 72nd birthday, photographer Gerald Fearnley recalls shooting the then-unknown musicianMiss Rosen
S&M erotic photography vintage 1970s Kane book 2018
Life & CulturePhoto StoryA Mysterious Series of Amateur S&M Photographs from the 1970s‘Floral dresses, rope play, in a setting that looks like an air raid shelter’ – Launching December 13, Kane features a mysterious and erotically-charged series by an anonymous photographerMiss Rosen
Luke Smalley Exercise at Home series all American man guy
Life & CulturePhoto StoryOne Photographer’s Sensuous and Playful Take on the All-American GuyKim Jones collaborator Luke Smalley’s series ‘Exercise at Home’ is twist on the traditional American maleMiss Rosen
Art Kane Great Day in Harlem photograph 1958 interview
Life & CulturePhoto StoryThe Story Behind One of the Most Celebrated Images in American HistoryPhotographer Art Kane recounts the story behind ‘A Great Day in Harlem’, a legendary group portrait of Harlem’s jazz sceneMiss Rosen
David Lynch naked female nude photographs
Life & CultureFeatureThe Sensuous Female Nudes of David LynchThe filmmaker’s photographs of naked women are part of a new exhibition opening at the Helmut Newton FoundationMiss Rosen
Life & CultureFeatureExploring Homoeroticism in Japanese Art and CultureA new book attempts to shine a light on homosexuality and queerness in JapanMiss Rosen
012_MICHAEL HALSBAND Andy Warhol & Jean-Michel Bas
Life & CultureFeatureIn Pictures: Andy Warhol and His FactoryGagosian gallery’s exhibit at Paris Photo gives us an inside look at life at the FactoryMiss Rosen
and now they know by Broy Lim homosexuality Singapore
Life & CulturePhoto StoryWhat It’s Like Being Gay in Singapore, Where Homosexuality Is Still IllegalSingaporean artist and photographer Broy Lim shares his experience of being a gay man in his home country, and what he’s doing to change thingsMiss Rosen
Anthony Friedkin Daniel Cooney surf photography exhibition
Life & CulturePhoto StoryBeautiful Photos of California’s Surf Scene, Taken by an InsiderAbout to go on show in New York, Anthony Friedkin’s images document California’s celebrated surf scene – free from the blonde, bronzed Hollywood stereotypeMiss Rosen
Skinhead fashion style Derek Ridgers Patrick Potter book
Life & CultureFeaturePhotos Revealing the Truth About Skinhead CultureWere the original skinheads violent? A new book attempts to set the record straight – here, its author gives an essential guide to the controversial subcultureMiss Rosen
Life & CulturePhoto StoryCapturing the Drink, Drugs and Drag of New York’s Disco SceneVince Aletti was the first person to write about New York’s fledgling disco scene – here, alongside a preview of his new book, he shares some memories of those disco nightsMiss Rosen
Alex La Cruz
Life & CulturePhoto StoryThe Queer Artists Instagram Doesn’t Want You to SeeContinuously censored by Instagram, 30 artists including Bruce LaBruce and Slava Mogutin have united for an exhibition titled The ViolatorsMiss Rosen
Life & CulturePhoto StoryInside Warhol’s Photographic Diaries: Basquiat, Debbie Harry, and MoreA new exhibition reveals Warhol as an obsessive photographer who shot over 3,600 rolls of film on his trusty Minox 35EL cameraMiss Rosen
Life & CultureLongread50 Questions With John WatersAhead of his first art retrospective in Baltimore, opening this weekend, Another Man directs 50 questions to the Pope of Trash and the Baron of Bad TasteMiss Rosen
Bob Dylan young fashion style 60s 1960s Jerry Schatzberg
Life & CulturePhoto StoryPhotos of Bob Dylan by the Only Photographer He Was Comfortable WithTreated like ‘one of the other guys’, Jerry Schatzberg had unique access to the voice of his generation – here, he reflects on his images of the singerMiss Rosen
John Edmonds photographer interview Higher book du-rag 2018
Life & CultureFeatureJohn Edmonds’ Quietly Beautiful Portraits of Brooklyn’s Black MenA labour of love, John Edmonds’s new book Higher demonstrates the deep connection he shares with his subjectsMiss Rosen
Richard Bernstein and Warhol
Life & CultureFeatureRichard Bernstein: The Man behind Interview’s Most Iconic CoversFour things you need to know about Warhol’s cover artist, coinciding with the release of a new book about his work Miss Rosen
Jean Basquiat young Marcia Resnick photography 1970s 70s
Life & CulturePhoto StoryPhotos of John Waters, Johnny Thunders and Jean-Michel Basquiat in 70s NYCWith an eye for the cultural bad boys of her day, Marcia Resnick turned her lens on the punks, poets and provocateurs in New York CityMiss Rosen