Dilara Findikoglu’s Latest Campaign Stars a Cast of Fictional Characters

Dilara Findikoglu has debuted her latest campaign, which sees a cast of fictional characters and archetypes wearing her designs on the streets of London, from ‘The Witch’, ‘The Emo’ and ‘The Groupie’ to a cameo from the designer herself. Photographed by Begum Yetis and styled by Another Man’s fashion director Ellie Grace Cumming, the campaign playfully echoes the opening credits of a heist film, introducing each character with a yellow cursive title emblazoned across each shot (Findikoglu’s own image reads ‘Starring Dilara as Dilara’). With the tagline ‘How to wear Dilara on the street?’, the campaign’s characters, dressed according to their given role, occupy particular street scenes – ‘The Emo’ broods outside of a church, ‘The Princess’ poses outside of a stately home, ‘The Lovers’ amorously kiss in the street, and so on. Such narratives are at the heart of Findikoglu’s designs, which most recently saw the staging of a mass ritual to restore Mother Earth to health at her Spring/Summer 2020 show.