Dham Srifuengfung

Dham Srifuengfung is a London-based photographer.

Stella McCartney Beatles Yellow Submarine collection AW19
Style & GroomingMagazineStella McCartney on Her Yellow Submarine-Inspired New CollectionIn 1968 The Beatles unleashed Yellow Submarine, a psychotropic head-film designed to bring the world together. 50 years later, Stella McCartney calls on its message of love for a new fashion collectionPaul Moody
Lawrence Blair
Life & CultureLongreadHow Lawrence Blair Became Bali’s Swashbuckling, Rock’n’Roll AdventurerLike a cross between Keith Richards and Sir David Attenborough, Dr Lawrence Blair is a swashbuckling, rock’n’roll adventurer on a mystical mission. From his Balinese hideaway, he shares his life lessons from this world and beyondXerxes Cook
bobmizer_anotherman (7 of 20)
Life & CultureLongreadThe Band of Brothers Who Risked It All for Male EroticaTim Blanks unearths the post-war story of a group of American men who risked ruin to mythologise masculinityTim Blanks