Andy Warhol

Andy by Philippe Morillon book Saint Laurent
Life & CulturePhoto StoryArtist Philippe Morillon Remembers His Friend and Subject Andy WarholIn Andy by Philippe, which recently launched at Saint Laurent Rive Droite in Paris, photographer and illustrator Philippe Morillon pays tribute to his late friend Andy WarholBelle Hutton
Andy Warhol 1965 © David Bailey. Courtesy Gagosian
Life & CultureFeatureDavid Bailey on Photographing Warhol: ‘It Felt Like Going After Smoke’As his new show opens in London, the legendary photographer shares his memories of shooting the infamous pop artist – and reveals the one that got away...Emma Elizabeth Davidson
012_MICHAEL HALSBAND Andy Warhol & Jean-Michel Bas
Life & CultureFeatureIn Pictures: Andy Warhol and His FactoryGagosian gallery’s exhibit at Paris Photo gives us an inside look at life at the FactoryMiss Rosen
Life & CulturePhoto StoryInside Warhol’s Photographic Diaries: Basquiat, Debbie Harry, and MoreA new exhibition reveals Warhol as an obsessive photographer who shot over 3,600 rolls of film on his trusty Minox 35EL cameraMiss Rosen
Richard Bernstein and Warhol
Life & CultureFeatureRichard Bernstein: The Man behind Interview’s Most Iconic CoversFour things you need to know about Warhol’s cover artist, coinciding with the release of a new book about his work Miss Rosen
Makos Andy Warhol interview magazine chris makos
Life & CultureLongreadRemembering Interview Magazine Through Stories of Those Who Worked ThereIn tribute to publication, which has just announced its closure, five former editors and contributors share their memories of working alongside Andy Warhol, Glenn O’Brien and Ingrid SischyMiss Rosen
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Life & CultureNewsAndy Warhol’s Interview Magazine Folds After Nearly 50 YearsIt’s all over for the Crystal Ball of PopAnother Man
Andy With Pat Cleveland cropedit
Life & CultureFeatureThe Humble Fishing Town that Became a Hideaway for Warhol’s GangChristopher Makos shares photographs of Montauk, New York and reflects on how it became a hot-spot for the cultural elite of the 1970sMiss Rosen