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Freddie Mercury style fashion clothes costumes
Style & GroomingFeatureCelebrating the Sensational Style of Freddie MercuryOn the Queen singer’s birthday, Another Man remembers his pioneering and fearlessly flamboyant approach to fashionAnother Man
Style & GroomingFeatureExploring Keith Haring’s Influence on FashionIn the wake of Coach’s Haring-inspired S/S18 collection, which arrives in stores today, we examine the artist’s enduring impact on fashion Benjamin Hammond
Style & GroomingFeatureKurt Cobain: the 90s’ Ultimate (But Reluctant) Style IconIn celebration of his birthday, we explore the Nirvana frontman’s wholly anti-fashion approach to fashionEmma Elizabeth Davidson
Michael george Wham_MP1088370426
Style & GroomingFeatureCelebrating the Amazing Style of George MichaelAs the one-year anniversary of his death approaches, we chart the music icon’s sartorial journey and ongoing influence on the world of fashionEmma Elizabeth Davidson
Keith Richards fashion style icon 1960 60s Rolling Stones
Style & GroomingFeatureKeith Richards: Rock and Roll’s Ultimate Style IconAs the musician turns 74, Another Man explores his extraordinary stylistic legacyJoobin Bekhrad
River Phoenix style fashion 90s grunge
Style & GroomingFeatureRemembering the Amazing Style of River PhoenixTo mark the 24th anniversary of the actor’s untimely death, we explore the grunge poster-boy’s life and lookEmma Elizabeth Davidson
Cecil Beaton style fashion garden greenhouse
Style & GroomingarticleThe Spectacular Style of Cecil BeatonAs we present a summer edit inspired by Cecil Beaton and created in partnership with MR PORTER, we look at the wardrobe of the English photographer and costume designerTed Stansfield
Jim Morrison
Style & GroomingarticleWhy Jim Morrison Was the Ultimate Romantic RebelAs we present a summer edit inspired by the Lizard King and created in partnership with MR PORTER, we examine the spirit and style of the Doors frontman Ted Stansfield
John F. Kennedy Jr.
Style & GroomingarticleThe Enduring Style of John F. Kennedy Jr.As we present a summer edit inspired by JFK Jr. and created in partnership with MR PORTER, we remember the life and looks of the son of John F. Kennedy and Jackie OnassisTed Stansfield