Help Save One of the Biggest Fashion Archives in Britain

The Horse Hospital, a not-for-profit arts venue in London’s Bloomsbury, is under threat of closure after the landlord has demanded a staggering 333 per cent rent increase due by the end of the year. Operating as an independent arts space for 26 years, The Horse Hospital has played host to numerous emerging artists, performers, filmmakers and writers and is also home to The Contempoary Wardrobe Collection, the biggest public-access archive of post-war street fashion and youth culture in Europe, comprising more than 20,000 clothes and accessories. Pieces from The Contemporary Wardrobe Collection have regularly featured in Another Man, AnOther and Dazed, among several other publications, and appeared in numerous films and television shows. To help ensure the future of this one-of-a-kind resource, The Horse Hospital has started a Kickstarter campaign – find out how you can donate here.