Emerging Artists Henry Kitcher and Tom Atton Moore to Open Joint Show

On Friday, two young London-based artists Henry Kitcher and Tom Atton Moore will open a joint exhibition in east London, exploring our relationship with our surroundings. Titled mirrors make me backwards but the ground keeps me rooted, the multi-media exhibition will feature new works by the pair, who both use abstract everyday elements of modern living to reveal truths about our relationship with our environments. As a self-described ‘neo-landscapist,’ Kitcher creates sculptures that aim to unpick the way we interact with nature. His series High-Rise, which will feature in the exhibition, looks at a curious phenomenon in London whereby green spaces are being created where buildings once stood, a “rather funny” occurrence that sparks questions about natural and urban territories. Taking a conversely indoor approach, Atton Moore’s work sees photos, videos and screenshots of everyday life abstracted into remarkable woolen rugs. Though the silhouettes that remain are far from their original source material, the essence of a given mood remains. See the brilliant exhibition at 82a Commercial St, 15 – 17 November.