You Can Now Watch the Davide Sorrenti Doc ‘See Know Evil’ Online

It’s fair to say that Davide Sorrenti was a photographic prodigy. However, his life and promising career were cut short when he tragically died in 2000, aged just 20 – his death wrongly attributed to a heroin overdose but nonetheless marking an end to an era dubbed ‘Heroin Chic’. New York-based filmmaker Charlie Curran was driven to tell Sorrenti’s story and spent seven years working on the documentary See Know Evil, which was released in selected cinemas earlier this year. “I saw his work for the first time I was like: wait, he was 20 when he made this?” Curran said in an interview with Another Man. “I wanted to know how it was that another 20-year-old was able to make images with that kind of gravity.” As of yesterday, See Know Evil is available to stream online and on demand, meaning that all those who missed it at the cinema now have the chance to watch the documentary and consider Sorrenti’s complex legacy.