Artists George Rouy and Wilson Oryema Debut New Work at Waterloo Station

Over the past month, four creatives – artists Wilson Oryema, Alfie Kungu, George Rouy and designer Paolina Russo – have been beavering away underneath Waterloo station as part of an artist residency called all in: progress, curated by Bryony Stone. “Rent prices squeeze artists to London’s liminal edges, while government funding cuts mean that creativity is once again becoming accessible only to a privileged few,” explains Stone. “In response, I curated a one-month artists’ residency... giving them space to work away from their bedrooms or, in George’s case, his Dad’s kitchen and an opportunity to build a temporary community, all the while in full view of the public.” The work they created during this time was revealed last night and is on display until Sunday – make sure you catch it while it’s still on.

all in: progress is at House of Vans, SE1, until Sunday