Life & CultureLongread50 Questions With John WatersAhead of his first art retrospective in Baltimore, opening this weekend, Another Man directs 50 questions to the Pope of Trash and the Baron of Bad TasteMiss Rosen
Bob Dylan young fashion style 60s 1960s Jerry Schatzberg
Life & CulturePhoto StoryPhotos of Bob Dylan by the Only Photographer He Was Comfortable WithTreated like ‘one of the other guys’, Jerry Schatzberg had unique access to the voice of his generation – here, he reflects on his images of the singerMiss Rosen
John Edmonds photographer interview Higher book du-rag 2018
Life & CultureFeatureJohn Edmonds’ Quietly Beautiful Portraits of Brooklyn’s Black MenA labour of love, John Edmonds’s new book Higher demonstrates the deep connection he shares with his subjectsMiss Rosen
Richard Bernstein and Warhol
Life & CultureFeatureRichard Bernstein: The Man behind Interview’s Most Iconic CoversFour things you need to know about Warhol’s cover artist, coinciding with the release of a new book about his work Miss Rosen
Jean Basquiat young Marcia Resnick photography 1970s 70s
Life & CulturePhoto StoryPhotos of John Waters, Johnny Thunders and Jean-Michel Basquiat in 70s NYCWith an eye for the cultural bad boys of her day, Marcia Resnick turned her lens on the punks, poets and provocateurs in New York CityMiss Rosen
Life & CulturePhoto StoryExploring the Relationship Between Artists and Sex WorkersFeaturing the likes of David Wojnarowicz, Mark Morrisroe and Larry Clark, new exhibition Rough Trade: Art and Sex Work in the Late 20th Century shines a light on a fascinating side of art historyMiss Rosen
Life & CulturePhoto StoryThe Photographer Who Captured the 1970s Legends of Funk, Soul and R&BA new book published by Taschen chronicles the work of Bruce W. Talamon, who photographed everyone from Donna Summer to Michael Jackson during the height of the Soul Train eraMiss Rosen
Gay Colt model male nude vintage erotica Jim French
Life & CultureLongreadThe Man Who Changed Male Erotica ForeverAt a time when nudity was still considered obscene, Jim French proposed that the male body should be celebrated, not censored, and devoted his career to ‘making marvellous-looking men look their most impressive’Miss Rosen
Fire Island New York Meryl Meisler 1970 gay men nudist beach
Life & CulturePhoto StoryCarefree Photos of Gay Men on Fire Island from Meryl MeislerSun, sex and disco: the American photographer looks back on the summers of ’77 and ’78Miss Rosen
Portrait-Self Portrait of David Wojnarowicz_1983-8
Life & CultureFeatureEverything You Need to Know About Artist and Activist, David WojnarowiczAs a new exhibition of his work opens at the Whitney, we provide a four-point guide to the radical art figureMiss Rosen
Fabrio Sgroi Palermo punk subculture book
Life & CulturePhoto StoryInside Sicily’s Underground Punk SceneIn the 1980s, the city of Palermo was home to a small but vibrant punk scene – here, Fabio Sgroi previews his new book which captures this moment in subcultural historyMiss Rosen
Life & CultureLongreadRemembering Studio 54 Through Memories of Those Who Went There“The first time I went there, I remember my mouth was dropping. Then I looked around and realised, ‘No one else’s mouth is dropping. Act like you’re cool’’Miss Rosen
Makos Andy Warhol interview magazine chris makos
Life & CultureLongreadRemembering Interview Magazine Through Stories of Those Who Worked ThereIn tribute to publication, which has just announced its closure, five former editors and contributors share their memories of working alongside Andy Warhol, Glenn O’Brien and Ingrid SischyMiss Rosen
Life & CulturePhoto StoryPhotos Capturing the Dawn of Motorcycle Culture in EuropeIn the late 1960s, Swiss artist Olivier Mosset brought motorcycle culture to Europe – here we preview his new book, which captures this moment in subcultural historyMiss Rosen
Ezra Miller Sons Illustrious Father Another Man interview
Life & CultureLongreadSons of an Illustrious Father: The Another Man Interview‘It’s a funeral march for our world we have lost’ – musical trio Lilah Larson, Josh Aubin and Ezra Miller spill on their new LP, which takes on hard-hitting subjects such as the Orlando Pulse shooting, climate change and institutional racismMiss Rosen
25 Ruth Marten live-tattooing at the openening of
Life & CultureLongreadThe Story Behind Punk’s First Art ExhibitionFeaturing live tattooing and a ‘rectal’ portrait of Andy Warhol, Punk Art was an exhibition like none that went before it. To mark its 40th anniversary, we speak to the curators behind this iconic showMiss Rosen
3.Keetja Allard_Rammellzee
Life & CultureLongreadRemembering Rammellzee Through Stories of Those Who Knew HimAs a new survey of his work opens in New York, friends and colleagues share memories of the shamanic MC and artistMiss Rosen
Silvia Prada Tom of Finland Foundation
Life & CulturePhoto StoryTom of Finland’s Drawings, as Seen by a Female ArtistSilvia Prada pays homage to the Finnish artist’s work, but also presents a female gazeMiss Rosen
Tom of Finland drawings
Life & CultureFeatureHow Tom of Finland Inspired a Generation of Queer Image-MakersWithout Touko Laaksonen’s risqué illustrations, the landscape of queer art would look radically different. Here, we explore his influence on five different artists, from Robert Mapplethorpe to John WatersMiss Rosen
Life & CultureGuideA Guide to the Poetry of Lou ReedIn the run-up to the release of ‘Do Angels Need Haircuts? Early Poems by Lou Reed’, we explore the music icon’s gift for penning verseMiss Rosen
Jerry Nolan story Heartbreakers New York Dolls
Life & CultureFeatureThe Life and Times of a New York DollJerry Nolan was a gang member then band member, drumming for The New York Dolls and The Heartbreakers, and pioneering the genre of punk rock – this is his storyMiss Rosen
Mohawk Oxford London
Style & GroomingPhoto StoryPhotos Celebrating the Mohawk as a Symbol of RebellionCalifornian photographer Ed Templeton gives us a preview of his upcoming exhibition featuring 20 years worth of photos of the MohawkMiss Rosen
Tomorrow’s Man magazine Jack Pierson interview homoerotica
Life & CultureFeatureThe Homoerotic Magazine Mixing Vintage Beefcakes and Contemporary ArtA bodybuilding magazine from the 50s and 60s, Tomorrow’s Man is being given a new lease of life by artist Jack PiersonMiss Rosen
Andy With Pat Cleveland cropedit
Life & CultureFeatureThe Humble Fishing Town that Became a Hideaway for Warhol’s GangChristopher Makos shares photographs of Montauk, New York and reflects on how it became a hot-spot for the cultural elite of the 1970sMiss Rosen