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Gosha’s Guide to Being a Creative Polymath

As the designer and photographer unveils a surprise collaboration with Burberry in Saint Petersburg, he shares five tips for being a master of all trades and a jack of none

  • TextTed Stansfield
  • PhotographyGosha Rubchinskiy

Most fashion designers stick to clothes. Not Gosha Rubchinskiy, who in addition to spearheading one of the most in-demand menswear brands today, excels in photography and filmmaking, has published a number of books and zines, and acts as a patron – or a “platform-giver” – to a roster of young creative practitioners, both from his homeland in Russia and overseas. He’s a polymath in the truest sense of the term.

Yesterday, at an off-schedule show at the “DK Svyazi” in Saint Petersburg (the site of Russia’s first-ever rave), the designer unveiled a surprise collaboration with Burberry. The show kicked off with some looks created in partnership with adidas and others inspired by 90s Russian dance rave culture, which were followed by clever reworkings of trenchcoats, harrington jackets, raincoats and the brand’s iconic check. “All the people I hang around with – my friends, the kids – don’t have money, so they go to second-hand stores and find vintage Burberry from the 90s,” he said shortly after the show. “They skate in Burberry shirts and Burberry shorts.”

Here, Rubchinskiy shares some exclusive photographs of the collection, along with his guide to being a creative polymath. Because if anyone knows how to do this, it’s Gosha.

1. Don’t be scared to dream

“Do what you want, be as crazy as you want. Dream up crazy ideas, like ‘I want to go to Saint Petersburg with my friends, put on a fashion show in an amazing building and collaborate with Burberry.’ When I was younger I never thought that this could happen, but it has! So don’t be scared to dream.”

2. Don’t go to university for the sake of it

“[The decision to go] to university is personal. Sometimes you should go, but sometimes you should go to the desert, close your eyes and draw spirits. It’s personal. Sometimes people spend time there for nothing.”

3. Understand the importance of having a creative community

“It’s very important to feel that you’re not alone. Find people who believe in your idea. If they believe in it, you will start to believe in it too.”

4. Know when to ask for help

“If I have creative block, I talk to my friends and ask them for their opinion. You should have interesting people around you, people who can help you.”

5. Be yourself

“Don’t be shy, believe in yourself. Be yourself. Don’t be afraid of people around you.”