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The Another Man Guide to Summer Suits

Pulling off tailoring during the summer heat can be a sweat-laden affair. Here, we offer five tips on how to make the summer suit work for you

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1. Choose the right material

A suit needn’t be stuffy. Choose lightweight fabrics in cotton, linen, or silk – and layer with a vest – for optimum airation in the summer sun. Or, like Harry Styles, pair with absolutely nothing underneath at all. 

2. Opt for a looser silhouette

Receiving an invite to an August wedding can pose a myriad of problems; not least deciding what to wear in the humidity of a marquee filled with champagne-fuelled revellers. Never fear! A suit in a billowing, loose-cut will save you from overheating on the dancefloor. 

3. Try a lighter colour (like pale blue)

Pastel-hued summer suits were once the marker of all things sartorially kitsch, reminiscent of the rolled-up sleeves of Miami Vice or Simon LeBon’s vanilla-coloured two piece in the video for Rio. You can channel the spirit of the 1980s in 2018 by simply selecting a contemporary cut in a paler colour.

4. Pair your jacket with a pair of white jeans

The beauty of investing in a suit is that the jacket and trousers can be easily mixed and matched as seperates and artfully teamed with other staple items in your wardrobe. The blend of sharp tailoring and classic denim is a tried and tested combination that never fails to look suave. For summer, we suggest that the paler the wash on jeans, the better – why not even go for a white pair? 

5. Swap your shirt for an illustrated tee

If a vest isn’t your thing, but a shirt feels too formal, a T-shirt is the perfect go-between. It is always a bonus if you opt for an illustrated or patterned tee, so that the design can playfully poke out of the lapels of your suit jacket. We’re very into Claire Barrow’s new screen-printed iterations.