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Meet the Vintage Dealers: Paul and Matt of Breuer & Dawson

Specialising in ‘sun-faded glory pieces with an off-kilter Britishness’, Paul Breuer and Matt Dawson are the proprietors of the best vintage shop in Margate

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Meet the Vintage Dealers is a new series spotlighting the best vintage dealers in the business.

Names: Paul Breuer and Matt Dawson

Shop: Breuer & Dawson

Location: 7 King Street, Margate. A stone’s throw from the beach

USP: Military pieces, leathers and tailoring, as well as an amazing collection of vintage band, sports and novelty t-shirts

Instagram: @breuerdawson

When did you open Breuer & Dawson? 

We opened the doors of Breuer & Dawson in the spring of 2012. We felt that Margate was the right place to build on a combined 30-odd years of experience in the vintage game.

What is the first item you ever sold? 

Matt: A banlon to Paul.

Paul: A dream to Matt.

What is your speciality?

Well-worn, paper-thin, darned, embroidered, patched, sun-faded glory pieces with an off-kilter Britishness informed by our failed musical aspirations.

What do you love about vintage clothing?

Its uniqueness and the fact that it has always been there for the underdogs.

What kind of places do you sources your pieces from?

The Times Obituaries.

What is the most unusual piece you’ve ever had in your store?

Something without a hole in it.

What is the most special piece in your personal collection?

A biba leopard skin and crepe ladies jacket belonging to the lead singer of The Only Ones, Peter Perret, which was gifted to us by the man himself... It’s a truly iconic piece of punk rock memorabilia.

Who has been your most memorable client?

Angelina Jolie and John Voight, back when they were talking to each other.

What do you think makes a good vintage dealer?

A consummate knowledge and complete understanding of the musical importance and cultural significance of Mott the Hoople.

What’s the most rewarding thing about your job?

Every day is a new dawn that we shall be up at the crack of.