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Aesop’s Golden Rules for Good Skin

The brand shares their expert advice for achieving healthy skin

  • TextTed Stansfield

Founded over three decades ago, Aesop is at the forefront of a different kind of grooming; one informed by art and design, and created with a meticulous attention to detail. Based in Melbourne, Australia, the brand creates skin, hair and body care products that not only work, but smell amazing. These products are beautifully designed, too, and look incredibly satisfying on any bathroom shelf.

Even if you’re mindful of your diet and lifestyle, the stresses and strains of modern life can affect your skin so, we asked Aesop for their golden rules for good skin. Here, the brand’s Chief Customer Officer Suzanne Santos shares her expert advice for achieving healthy skin in the form of six easy-to-follow tips, applicable to people of all skin types.

1. Clean your face twice a day

“People often assume that cleansing and toning the face at night takes minutes not seconds, and overlook the importance of twice daily cleaning. A high-quality toner on a cotton can be used to cleanse if water is not available. Try this Purifying Facial Cream Cleanser.”

2. Apply a masque once a week

“Use your web time to apply a masque once a week. A deeper cleanse makes a huge difference to the skin’s texture and how moisturiser absorbs. Exfoliating is a magnificent addition that changes how your skin feels and appears and is recommended twice weekly. Try this Parsley Seed Cleansing Masque and Purifying Facial Exfoliant.”

3. Know your skin type

“Combination skin needs no less attention. Gentle cleansing, toning and a skin regenerating moisturiser are crucial. Dry skin will always require layers of moisturising. Using a single layer of serum that precedes the final layer of cream will truly hydrate the skin. Oily skin is a gift, in the long term. Keep it clean, and don’t be afraid of moisturising as it does not relate to sebum production.”

4. Don’t forget about the neck and chest

“People often underestimate how much product is needed to cleanse and moisturise, and ending the skincare regime at the face. The neck and chest must not be forgotten.”

5. Get your beauty sleep

“No product is greater than living a life where you consider sleep, the nutrients you put into your body and the exercise that makes up your week. No amount of money ever spent on product will be more powerful than the combination of these factors.”

Bonus: Men, learn how to shave

“For men, learning how to shave properly is invaluable and should include a pre-cleanse to soften the skin before, and an anti-inflammatory toner and moisturiser (such as this Moroccan Neroli Post Shave Lotion) to pacify the skin after the shave.”