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The Last Fashion Story of David Armstrong

We commemorate the anniversary of the photographer’s death by revisiting his story for the A/W14 issue of Another Man, Walk In The Me

  • TextTed Stansfield

Three years ago today, American photographer David Armstrong passed away. A key part of the “Boston School” of photographers who included Nan Goldin and Mark Morrisroe, Armstrong was best known for his sensuous portraits of his young male muses, images that Ryan McGinley once described as being like Vermeer. Emanating a soft sort of light, these photographs were highly intimate; boring into the very souls of their subjects. “His photographs are about desire and despair,” McGinley said. “These are qualities he looks for in the boys’ eyes.” The photographer also contributed to the pages Another Man and, in fact, shot his last ever fashion story for the magazine. Here, Another Man’s creative director Alister Mackie, remembers the story and the extraordinary man who created them.

“To me David Armstrong is a romantic mythical figure, who was incredibly beautiful and made beautiful work. His way of life was inspiring to many young photographers; creatively, idealistically, he was generous and encouraged others. I chose Boyd Holbrook for this story because David had such a beautiful relationship with him and over many years produced many iconic images of him. There is a shot of Boyd in the bath with pink hair that he used on the cover of his book 615 Jefferson Avenue. I’m very lucky to have a print of this hanging at home. I was fascinated with him ever since I saw this image.”