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Five Tips for Achieving Inner Peace

As Shamballa Jewels opens the doors to its New York flagship store, its founder Mads Kornerup shares some tips for achieving spiritual wellness

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To say that Shamballa Jewels is not just a brand but a way of life is not as much of an overstatement as it might initially sound. The jewellery brand is named after a mythical kingdom hidden in a valley in the Himalayas which, according to its co-founder Mads Kornerup, “is said to be a harmonious place, populated by enlightened and compassionate people, where love and wisdom reigns – a land of kindness and serenity.”

Originally from Denmark, Kornerup is a highly spiritual person and his spirituality feeds into his designs, which combine ancient Eastern philosophies with Nordic craftsmanship. “We founded Shamballa Jewels out of a desire to make jewellery that allows the wearer to connect with their inner spirituality,” he explains. He’s even coined the term ‘Shamballise’ which means “to make other people feel good about themselves and possibly make them smile”.

Today, the brand opens the doors to its New York flagship store in SoHo and to celebrate, we’ve asked Kornerup to share some tips for achieving spiritual wellness.

1. “Observe your thoughts, use a mantra to override negative thinking.”

2. “Be good to others and make them feel as you would like to, without expecting anything in return.”

3. “Spend time in silence and listen to your breath, observe your diaphragm expand and contract.”

4. “Be aware of the fuel you put into your body, explore the possibility of becoming cleaner and cleaner every year, think about the animals and Mother Earth.”

5. “Be grateful and give daily thanks for the opportunity/gift to be here in this body on this planet at this moment.”