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Jeff Goldblum’s Guide to Life

Famous for his charm and positive outlook on life, the Isle of Dogs actor shares five tips for living well

Once described as “charm personified” by his The Big Chill co-star Glenn Close, Jeff Goldblum is one of Hollywood’s most-loved stars. “He makes you so damn happy to be alive!” is another accolade courtesy of Jurassic Park’s Laura Dern, an ex-lover – what higher praise is there than that? The compliments are seemingly limitless, though that doesn’t stop him occasionally scrolling through #JeffGoldblum on Instagram, finding “funny pictures people draw of me or tattoos that they get of me or things from my past… Ooh there’s all kinds of weird stuff, yes, yes, yeah – it all tickles me. 

Known for applying boundless energy and optimism to more than a hundred on-screen roles and even more so to interviews and making friends – he’s endlessly admired. But does anyone ever say anything bad about him? “Oh, I don’t go digging because I’m sure people are thinking, and maybe saying, all kinds of bad things but I prefer to keep my eyes on my own paper and stay focused on what I adore and feel positive about.” It’s this inner contentedness that underpins his ability to “melt the panties off,” in Vivica A. Fox’s words – and naturally, we asked for some tips.

1. Be curious about people

“Meeting people is not so hard: people seem to be not unhappy to see me here and there and I love having contact with all sorts of lovely people and I think maybe the key to friendship is cultivating and expressing (in some appropriate and graceful way) and being in contact with your real interest in, and curiosity about, other people. I think that’s a great quality for a friend. I’d like a friend like that myself.”

2. It’s alright to get mad

“Oh yeah, I’ve got the gift of fury that I can bring to my work and to righteous causes here and there, I’m very fired up about anybody who, like in Isle of Dogs, would manipulate facts for their own profit agenda or exploit others or anybody in the animal kingdom for cheap entertainment, or for militaristic purposes. Now that we have so much power in our hands, we’ve all got to find a way to resolve our differences without violence and the stupidity of doing otherwise makes me inflamed.”

3. And be OK with it

“I’m okay about being mad about those things, I try to channel it in a way that’s constructive you know, that we could all find ways to move the ball along however we can, locally or in any way that may make a difference. You know, the heat from our anger can focus our efforts, I think.”

4. Never forget your mantra

“I would say I like that little idea of acceptance and enjoyment and enthusiasm: you might not control all the cards that life deals you but you can sort of proactively manage your own condition of navigation through those. And if it’s one of those three – acceptance or enjoyment or enthusiasm – I tell myself as a kind of mantra, ‘I might be in the right zone’.”

5. And certainly don’t try to be like me

“If anything follow your own pattern and ecstasy, as they say, Find your own unique voice that only you know best about, you’re the authority of your experience and of course as the Beatles said it's all about love, I think.”

Isle of Dogs is in UK cinemas from tomorrow

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