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Skepta’s Guide to Mental Wellbeing

To mark World Mental Health Day, we gather the best wisdom from the grime superstar’s cover story

  • TextTed Stansfield

For his cover story for the A/W17 ‘Modern Mythologies’ issue of Another Man, Skepta penned the personal tale of his search for inner peace. In it, the rapper describes being taunted for his African heritage at school and how struggling to fit in with the cool kids turned him sour; he explains how he started writing grime lyrics and used his music to promote that he was “Nigerian and proud”; and he recalls a life-changing discovery he made while making his 2012 mixtape Blacklisted. Receiving his text, we were struck by his wisdom it contained, particularly when it came to ideas around mindfulness. So, to mark World Mental Health Day, we gather the best wisdom from his story; five great and very practical tips for improving your mental wellbeing.

1. “I’ve learned to enjoy [London] for what it is, but I also make sure I take time out to find harmony and tranquility to give me the balance I need for a healthy mind.”

2. “I made my home somewhere I enjoy waking up in. People should feel that if they had to stay indoors all day, it’s not a bad thing. Waking up and feeling that your happiness is outside your place of abode is a recipe for envy and jealousy.”

3. “I try to take trips to peaceful countries with different cultures and sounds. Removing myself from my comfort zone and turning my phone off is an exercise I love doing so my mind can be in the present; with no outside influence I’m able to appreciate life’s fundamentals and the blessing of just being alive.”

4. “Learning to let go ironically gave me all the control I wanted; life is going to do what it's going to do and I just have to be like water and go with the flow. I can’t control what the world will hit me with, but I can control my attitude towards these events. There will always be a new crisis but as long as you approach it with open arms and are willing to learn, a crisis is nothing but a lesson.”

5. “Love was, is and always will be the answer.”

Read the full story here and purchase a copy of the A/W17 ‘Modern Mythologies’ issue here.